Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw

Zaćma czyli inaczej katarakta jest to choroba objawiająca się zmętnienia soczewki, a nieleczona prowadzi do ślepoty.

Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw

Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw has been providing services for patients in Warsaw for over eighty years since 1929. In other words, we have enormous experience in taking care of four generations of Warsaw residents. During these years several hundreds thousands people regained their health and returned to their joyful life thanks to our help.

Our aim is to provide services based on experience and professional approach. Our patients gain access to the best medical professionals in Warsaw. We employ over two hundred practitioners across various specialisations. Our medical professionals demonstrate immense scientific research work experience. Most of them have many years of practice as university lecturers, professors and heads of the ward.

Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw offers medical services in tens of different specializations including: gynaecology, gastroenterology, dermatology, immunology, neurology, ophthalmology, allergy services, podiatry (or chiropody) and more.

If for any reasons you may be unable to visit us our practitioner can call at your home. Feel free to contact us if you require more information on that subject or would like to book a home visit. In addition Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw offers laboratory and diagnostic tests with use of our state of the art facilities.

Our Dental Clinic offers wide array of services such as: preventive dentistry, children dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants (i.e. polymer implants, ceramic implants and metal implants), dentures, orthodontics, dental surgery, endodontics, periodontal, and more. All our facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment to help in virtually painless, fast and efficient treatment for your comfort. Alfa-Lek Medical Centre and Dental Clinic in Warsaw – your best choice!